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We can make keys for any car makes or models, both hard keys and transponder keys. So whenever you reach out to us for a new set of keys, one of our auto locksmiths will come out to you and make you a new hard key if required.

Transponder Key Programming

We are one of the few auto locksmiths in Los Angeles that offer car key programming and coding. Have other locksmiths have told you they can’t replace your key as it has to be programmed? They probably advise you to go to a dealer. But we all know dealers charge heavily to replace the lost key. With us, you get the same key repair services as your dealer, but without the hefty price tag. We can cut and program all car keys for a fraction of the cost of a locksmith or car dealer. This is possible because we possess the best dealer-level repair and diagnostic tools available now. We use highly sophisticated key programming equipment to program replacement transponder keys for most makes of vehicles., Transponder keys have a microchip in them, which is needed in order to program the sequence of the ignition code. Each chip is programmed with a code that is only recognizable by the onboard car computer or the engine control. When the key is placed in the ignition, the car computer recognizes the code and allows the vehicle to start. This helps the car from being stolen. If you suspect that your car key has been stolen, your first order of business should be to call the police. Then, if you call us, we can reprogram your car’s ECU (Engine Control Unit) and reprogram you a new key, so that your car is safe., Our locksmiths provide fast and efficient locksmith services in Los Angeles and are always quick to respond to emergency locksmith issues.

Key Making Services

24 Hour Emergency Key Making Locksmith Services in Greater Los Angeles

Key Making Locksmith Services

We understand a transponder key emergency can occur at any place and at any time and hence we are open 24/7, even during holidays and weekends. Whether your call during normal business hours or late in the night, our locksmiths rush to secure your safety and to take care of your locksmith emergency to ensure you are back behind the wheel as quickly as possible.

Our locksmith masters have a great deal of knowledge in transponder keys and programming, as well as onboard car computers. With their expert knowledge, our locksmiths are able to assist our customers and recommend the best transponder key for your needs, as well as quick program the key and have you back on the road.

One call to us means quality and affordable key options. Call us today and say goodbye to all your transponder key problems in Los Angeles.


Lost your car keys? Don’t worry because our locksmiths can make new keys for you. We can also cut and program a new transponder key for your car. Car Lockout Service has been around for many years and we deliver over 3,000 different lock and key parts for around 40 different brands. Among those are Japanese, Korean, European and American automobiles.

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